Robotics Club

“It’s the hardest fun ever!” - Jose“Because of Robotics Club, I now know what I want to accomplish in life.” - Sherlin

Club History

The Wilson Middle School robotics club was founded in 2012 by our mentor, Mrs. Pease. We are an after school club whose mission is to inspire students to learn about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and pursue careers in these fields in the future.

Program Description

This is not a casual club. Students are committed at least once weekly to meet and work hard on projects and prepare for local tournaments throughout the year. Students are taught the basics of 3D design & modeling, electronics, computer science, mechanical design, and engineering.

Robot Types

We work with a variety of different robotics equipment including:

  • Arduinos/Microbits

  • LEGO Mindstorms

  • KIPR Link (Wallaby and Wombat)

  • iRobot Create 1 & 2

  • Vex


The students learn a variety of programming ranging from introductory drag and drop platforms such as Scratch to text-based programming in C, Python, and Java.

3D Modeling & Printing

The students also learn Computer Aided Design in Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Google Sketchup and are able to print out their creations on our 3D printers

Electronics & Soldering

Students work with breadboards, circuits, wires, LEDs, resistors, etc and learn basic electronics. They learn how to solder and use professional grade soldering equipment.

Other Skills Learned

  • Teamwork

  • Goal setting

  • Public Speaking

  • Increased Self-confidence

  • Leadership


We compete in autonomous (not remote controlled) robotics competitions including Botball, iARoc, and FLL. The students also build and program robots to use different sensors to compete in line following challenges.

Awards Won

  • 2022 April Virtual Botball Tournament - 1st place seeding, 1st place double elimination, Judges Choice -"Team Spirit" & "Overall Judges' Choice"

  • 2022 April San Diego Regional Botball Tournament - "Kiss Award" & "Spirit of Botball"

  • 2021 Dec Virtual Botball Tournament - 2nd place seeding, 2nd & 3rd place double elimination, 2nd and 3rd place overall

  • 2021 May Virtual Botball Tournament - 3rd place double elimination (Girls team), "Spirit of Botball" (Girls team)

  • 2021 April Virtual Botball Tournament - "Outstanding Documentation"

  • 2018 Greater San Diego Region Botball Tournament - 2nd place overall

  • 2017 IAroc - Division 0 - 2nd place overall, 2nd place Speed Event, 3rd place Navigation Event, 3rd place Target Event, and 1st place Technical Briefing

  • 2016 iARoc - “Coolest Robot”

  • 2016 Summer of Robotics Botball Scrimmage - 3rd place double elimination

  • 2016 STEAM Maker line following challenge - 1st place

  • 2016 Greater San Diego Region Botball Tournament - 4th place double elimination

  • 2016 Greater San Diego Region Botball Tournament - 4th place seeding

  • 2015 Summer of Robotics Botball Scrimmage - 1st Place Seeding Score

  • 2015 Summer of Robotics Botball Scrimmage - 3rd Place Double Elimination

  • 2015 STEAM Maker Robot Challenge - Boys Team: 1st Place, Girls Team: 2nd Place

  • 2015 STEAM Maker Bridge Stix Build-off - 2nd Place

  • 2015 STEAM Maker Mythbusters Challenge - 3rd Place

  • 2015 STEAM Maker Recyclable Fashion Challenge - “Most Creative”

  • 2014 Hydrobot Lift - 2nd place

  • 2014 Summer of Robotics Botball Scrimmage - 2nd Place Seeding Score

  • 2014 Summer of Robotics Botball Scrimmage - 2nd Place Double Elimination

  • 2013 iARoc - "Coolest Robot"

Field Trips

The Robotics Club students are able to go on many field trips throughout the school year to further their learning in STEAM careers and skills. They also travel for their different tournaments. Some of the places we have gone include: Legoland, SeaWorld, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Balboa Park, Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab, STEAM Maker workshop, Grossmont College, SDSU, UCSD, USD


Every year students from the club earn scholarships for college. The skills that the students learn are in high demand and through the club, the students have opportunities to apply for and receive scholarships. Students in the past have received scholarships in the form of waivers for workshops, computers, and money for college expenses.

Support Our Club!

We provide this awesome club to the students free of charge! But we also fundraise like crazy during the year to keep it going. If you’d like to donate to support us, please send a check payable to “Wilson Middle School Robotics Club” attn: Khamphet Pease to Wilson Middle School, 3838 Orange Ave, SD, CA, 92105. Any amount helps! Thank you!